Membership Rules

  1. Ride at your own risk
  2. AMBULANCE COVER is essential, no liability accepted by Club or any of the committee
  3. All riders must have current membership. One-Day Memberships are available.
  4. There is to be no abuse between members, spectators and/or officials, membership may be revoked and other penalties may apply.
  5. Nerf bars, kill switches and bar ends are to be installed and working on quads over 50cc.
  6. All bikes to be in safe working order.
  7. Helmets and riding boots are to be worn whilst on bikes.
  8. A sight lap of the track should be undertaken before riding, to make sure the track is safe and there is no debris or damage to the track.
  9. No riding when temperatures are above 38 degrees, this is a fire risk and machinery bans are often in effect within the Shire of Gingin
  10. No riding in creek areas.
  11. One indicated direction at all times on the track.
  12. No riding before 8am or at night, or after 9:00pm during specialized events
  13. Riding on marked tracks only – not on access roads or in carpark.
  14. Bikes are to be ridden at walking pace through pit area.
  15. All riders must be members or have a day membership or have event registration.  These must be arranged before attending the track.
  16. All persons under the age of eighteen to be accompanied by an adult member of their family.
  17. Children are to be supervised by parent or guardian at all times.
  18. No Juniors (under 300cc 4 stroke/200cc 2 stroke) are to ride on the track with Seniors, except during approved events (during which they must wear a high visibility vest). AGE RESTRICTIONS are to be adhered to at all times.
  19. You must give way to all native animals and livestock.
  20. Camping is only permitted with express permission from the Committee.
  21. Strictly no fires between Nov and April (and this may be extended by the Shire of Gingin
  22. Place all rubbish in the bins provided or take it home if bins are full
  23. No alcohol in pit area and no BYO during licensed events.
  24. No consuming alcohol whist riding or riding under the influence.
  25. No persons to be crossing the track, while riding is in progress.
  26. There are to be no modifications to the track without the consent of the committee.
  27. Please lock all gates, toilets and water tank valves when leaving.
  28. Report any track damage/defects, building damage or vandalism to the committee immediately.
  29. Please report any suspicious people or behavior to the committee immediately.
  30. Never ride on your own or without someone nearby. Make sure someone always knows where you are.
  31. Do not turn on generators, access locked containers, kitchen, turn on or use pumps or touch paper work, this is strictly Committee access only.  you may use the value to turn on top tank to make toilets function.
  32. WABA (RC tracks near front fence) are out of bounds at all times and can only be used by WABA members on set race days.
  33. Have FUN!