Pink Ribbon Enduro Junior and Senior Results 30th of July 2016



On the 30th of July the club ran a Junior and Senior Enduro event to rise funds for the Cancer Council Pink Ribbon cause.  The event raised $1059 which has been donated to the Cancer Council.


Juniors : Isabella Thompson and Tomas McKeown rewarded 50% off a 2017 memberships

Seniors: Wayne Wynne rewarded free membership in 2017

pink robbpn

JUNIORS proudly sponsored by The Smoke Shack


Short Course Under 7

1st           Mason Brown    2nd          Bridie Pearse     3rd           Jordyn Adams

under 7 short junior 30th july 2016

Short Course over 7

1st           Cody Mackie      2nd          Tomas McKeown             3rd           Kody Church

  • 3 riders finished in 43 laps, places awarded based on fastest times

over 7 junior short 30th of july 2016

Long Course teams

1st Keenan Murphy and Riley Wager                         2nd Ashleigh Curedale and Nicholas McKinley

teams long course junior 30th july 2016

Long course Ironman

1st: Archie Dillon                2nd: Jaxon Fong             3rd: Brooke Hollins

ironman long course


Ironman Quads

1st: John Iuliano                2nd: Ryan Maxwell           3rd: Kane Hinkley

Fastest First Lap: John Iuliano 17min 56 sec
Iron man Quads Senior 30th of July 2016

A Grade Quads

1st: James Ognenis/ Adam Filby                  2nd: Paul Zuchetti/ Andrew Knight             3rd: Brett Soltoggio / Peter Hayes

Fastest First Team Lap: Chad McKay and Josh McKay 36 minutes and 7 seconds

A grade Quad Teams 30th of July 2016

B Grade Quad Teams

1st:          Wayne and Matthew Wynne                      2nd: Neville Brown and Jimmy Caruana                    3rd: Craig Pearse and Andrew Soltoggio

Fastest Team first laps:  Wayne and Mathew Wynne 38 minutes and 5 seconds

B Grade Quads 30th of July 2016

Quad/ 2 wheeler Teams

1st: Gavin Horne/ Daniel Soltoggio                             2nd : Graeme McKinley/ Matt Curedale

Fastest First Team Lap: Gavin Horne/ Daniel Soltoggio 39 minutes and 40 seconds

Quad 2 wheeler teams 30th of July 2016

Iron man 2 wheelers

1st : Michael McKellar                     2nd : Ben Lawton               3rd: Bruce Moses              Fastest First Lap: Michael McKellar 17 minutes and 17 seconds

Ironman 2 wheeler 30th of July 2016

A grade 2 wheelers Teams

1st: Greg Bartlett/ James Brown                 2nd: Nathan Cox/ Callum Evans   3rd: Paul and Craig Humberston

Fastest First Team Lap: Aaron Anderson/ Chris Ruttico 30 minutes and 52 seconds

A Grade 2 wheeelr teams 30th of

B Grade 2 wheeler teams

1st: Scott Talley/ Damon Starkey                2nd: Benjamin Castledine/ Justin Hey       3rd: Adam Matthews/ Anthony Dielesen

Fastest Team Lap: Benjamin Castledine/ Justin Hey 35 minutes and 19 seconds

B Grade 2 wheeler teams 30 july 2016


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