Pony #2 results 2015 18th of July

ATVWA Event Results 18th of July Pony 2 2015 Senior

On Saturday 18th of July ATVWA hosting its second Pony of the 2015 season. We had 91 seniors registered for the event. The weather was cool but sunny, perfect weather for the endurance event.
A big thank you to Ashley Waite for his assistance as our first aiders, all our sweeps and Gareth and Shane for coordinating them. Alicia for her help scoring, Kara, Hellen, and Janette for running the canteen. Kim and Jason for running the meet. Chris for leading the sight lap and Murf for providing the machinery for prep and Shane Proud for prepping the track. Without the helpers, all this wouldn’t be possible and the number of helpers for this event was amazing. A special mention to Colin Balshaw for the awesome Pony promo that can be viewed at


Results attached

Pony #2 Results
Ironman Quads
1st: Ben Hall
2nd: Dereck Griffiths (Grumpy)
3rd: Michael Bullock
Fastest Lap: Ben Hall 17:37

2 wheeler vets ironman
1st: Craig Horrocks
2nd: Jason Holl
3rd: Wayne Martin
Fastest 1st Lap: Jason Holl 19:23

2 wheeler Ironman
1st: Mitch Taylor
2nd: Aaron Anderson
3rd: Oliver James
Fastest First Lap: Paul Humberston 16:03
A Grade Quads
1st: Chris Bosnakis and Tyron Robinson
2nd: Craig Pearse and John Iuliano
3rd: Paul Zuchetti and Richard Maxted
Fastest 1st Lap: Tyron Robertson 17:25

B Grade Quads
1st: Antony Osborne and Dave Hawley
2nd: Tim Sokole and Ben Hilton
3rd: Celeste Daly and Darrell Stevens
Fastest first lap: Tim Sokole 20:07 (team 48 2nd rider)

A Grade 2 wheelers
1st: Luke Patterson and Damon Gibbons
2nd : Leigh Boujos and Hayden Farrow
Fastest 1st Lap: team 504 first rider 16:21
B Grade 2 wheelers
1st: Brad Swansen and Callum Evans
2nd: Nathan Cox and Anthony Dielesen
3rd: Daniel Chadbund and Shaun Robinson
Fastest Lap: Nathan Cox 17:40
Quad / 2 wheeler teams
1st: Brett Bissett and Andrew Knight
2nd: Shaun Havelock and DAle Markham
3rd: Jayden and Gavin Horne
Fastest Lap 2 wheeler: Gavin Horne 19:50
Fastest Lap Quad: team 206 quad rider 20:29

Under 16 2 wheeler
1st: Blake Anderson and Jack Wager
Fastest 1 st Lap: Jack Wager 19:39

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