Current Committee

2017 Current Committee

Committee and Contacts

CLUB CONTACT: 0448528892 ( 04485ATVWA) Phone queries Thurs and Fri 9.30am-6pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm, email for quickest response

President: Cherie Pearse: 0427718253

Vice President: John McQuade: 0438910336

Secretary: Natalie Pitt

Treasurer: Allison Reynolds

General Committee

Liza Maton (Memberships):

Michael Murphy

Natalie Wong (Canteen)

Jason Pullman

Rob Wong

Gareth Hollins

Mike Dowsett

Janette Daly (Bar)

Stacey Newton (Funding submissions)



LM 1        Craig Davies

LM 2       David Stevens

LM3        Michael Allfrey

LM4        Kirk Dewar

LM5        Michael Murphy  (awarded 2013)

LM6        Melissa Cox (awarded 2014)

LM7        Dereck “Grumpy” Griffiths (awarded 2016)

LM8       Wynne family (Wayne, Sherrie, Matthew and Bri anna) (awarded 2016)